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School Memberships

Unlimited virtual program and in-person field trip options for your entire school!

When you sign up for a school membership, you’re giving your entire school unlimited access to the biggest and best children’s museum in the world! School memberships allow you to pay one fee based on your total school enrollment, then visit for the whole year for free!

This program gives you the flexibility to create extraordinary learning experiences for your students tied to Indiana arts, humanities, and STEM standards all year long. To learn more, take a peek at our school membership guidelines.

School Membership Sign Up

Annual school membership cost 
(Based on total school enrollment)
School enrollment 2023–2024 Price
Up to 100 $400
101-300 $800
301-400 $1,300
 401-500 $1,900
 501-700 $2,600
 701-1,000 $3,400

Member school benefits
Partner with us to take your students’ learning to the next level. Bring ideas and subjects to life and tackle standards with engaging, unforgettable museum experiences.

All member schools receive these exclusive benefits:

  • Unlimited museum visits for an entire school year for one low price (excluding all museum designated school breaks and holidays).
  • Discounted price of $1 per student or chaperone for the Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience® (One adult is required and free for every five students. Seasonal availability.).
  • Virtual school programs included.

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