Important Update: The museum has a new mask policy. Learn more: Learn More
Important Update: The museum has a new mask policy. Learn more: Learn More
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All Aboard!

COVID-19 Safety Exhibit Updates:
A few low-touch interactive elements within All Aboard! are open, and the exhibit remains visually rich with many opportunities to prompt conversations with children. Touchable elements are sanitized by staff frequently, and sanitizing wipes are provided for your use. New programming offered several times daily will invite visitors to explore the Reuben Wells steam engine and hear how this one-of-a-kind Indiana artifact came to the museum. The following high-touch elements are closed or have been removed for your health and safety:
  • Engineer costumes have been removed.

June 8, 2021 update:
We will be reopening many of our hands-on interactives over the next three-week period. Click here to see the schedule!

All Children's Museum exhibits will have capacity limits. Museum staff will monitor occupancy and if capacity is reached, staff will admit visitors to the exhibit when others leave.

Discover Trains Big and Small

Imagine the adventures that the impressive Reuben Wells, a 35-foot-long, 55-ton steam engine, had in its day. Travel back to 1890s Madison, Indiana, where this very engine conquered the steepest railroad grade in the United States. The most powerful locomotive in the world back then, the Reuben Wells is right here at The Children’s Museum for you to enjoy along with our other train experiences.

  • Operate control lights, switches, and signals on the track.
  • Crawl inside a tunnel to marvel at miniature trains in action.
  • Play with train toys and sell train tickets at the station.
  • Design a railroad or race trains on the computer.

Located on the Lower Level.