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Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience

  • Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience
Barbie You Can Be Anything You Want The Experience
COVID-19 Safety Exhibit Updates:
Touchable elements in BarbieTMYou Can Be AnythingTM: The Experience are sanitized by staff frequently, and sanitizing wipes are provided for your use.

All Children's Museum exhibits will have capacity limits. Museum staff will monitor occupancy and if capacity is reached, staff will admit visitors to the exhibit when others leave.

BarbieTM You Can Be AnythingTM: The Experience will be closed for cleaning several times throughout the day. Pick up a handout of the day's cleaning times when you arrive at the museum.

Open now through 2021

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These days, imagining you can be anything is just the beginning. In BarbieTMYou Can Be AnythingTM: The Experience, you can explore new dreams. You can be:

  • An airline pilot flying high above the clouds.
  • A fearless surfer catching a wave.
  • A robotics engineer putting a robot to work.
  • A wildlife photographer taking pictures from a jungle jeep.

There are so many things to be! Explore the possibilities!

From career dolls to real-world role models, Barbie has been inspiring girls since 1959—and she isn't done yet! The Children's Museum is proud to partner with Mattel to celebrate 60 years of Barbie with a new exhibit opening soon. The exhibit will showcase the iconic Barbie doll and encourage the kind of imaginative play that teaches us that no matter our gender, ethnicity, or background, we can all make the world a better place by doing work that excites us, challenges us, and brings us fulfillment.

  • View various Barbie dolls through history and the story behind how Ruth Handler created the iconic doll.
  • Explore 11 different careers and learn about the more than 200 careers Barbie has had over the years.
  • Learn from powerful women throughout history who have broken down career barriers for women.

Celebrate the Barbie legacy while experiencing activities that inspire limitless potential.

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