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Wiese Field donated by Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and J. Frederic Wiese Jr.

The outdoor sports areas are closed for the season. They will reopen March 18, 2023.

Hit a home run at the baseball diamond! In this experience, families can learn about America’s pastime and work on their fastball. 

  • Hang out in the dugout before it’s your turn to bat 
  • Learn about the Indianapolis Clowns baseball team
  • Use a tee (or not) to practice hitting the ball
  • Perfect your own pitch by throwing into a pitching tutor 

Riley Health PROtip: Stress affects us all—kids and grown-ups! It’s important to make family time for fun and relaxing outdoor activities like baseball. 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. 

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.