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They’re big. They’re fierce. They’re back.
Real prehistoric giants unearthed.
 Dinosphere®. Now You’re in Their World.

Stand in awe of enormous long-necked, four-legged creatures in Giants of the Jurassic™, see your old dino friends in Creatures of the Cretaceous™, explore the ancient aquatic world in Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas™, and spark your creativity in Dinosphere Art Lab—all in Dinosphere®!

They were some of the largest animals ever to roam the Earth. And now these enormous creatures call Dinosphere® home. Enter this immersive environment, marvel at the dinosaurs’ size, and learn the real science behind this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

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5 Areas to Explore

You can enter the world of dinosaurs in five immersive experiences:

Giants of the Jurassic

They are still the largest animals ever to walk on Earth, and they have been gone for millions of years! Meet our two towering sauropods—enormous four-legged, long-necked creatures that only ate plants. Learn how they grew to be so huge, and be amazed!

Creatures of the Cretaceous

Visit the watering hole and see a world of prehistoric activity with Bucky the Tyrannosaurus rex, Kelsey the Triceratops, and other Cretaceous creatures!

Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas

Dive deep into the sights and sounds of the ancient aquatic world! Immerse yourself in a shimmering, undersea experience, and encounter fearsome fossils from this mysterious world.

Art Lab

Let real life inspire your imagination. Through different forms of art, you can bring dinosaur fossils to life in the Dinosphere Art Lab! Pair real science with your creativity to draw, sculpt, and design a day in the life of a dinosaur.

Paleo Lab

Talk to real scientists who are doing real science on our real fossils in the R.B. Annis Mission Jurassic Paleo Lab and the Polly H. Hix Paleo Prep Lab!

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Dinosphere® is made possible through lead gift support from Lilly Endowment Inc., The Fehsenfeld Family, The Scott A. Jones Foundation, Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, The Enid Goodrich Educational Initiatives Fund of The Children’s Museum, Polly H. Hix, Yvonne H. Shaheen, The Elliott Sogard Family, and Bob and Carol Reynolds, with major support provided by The R.B. Annis Educational Foundation, Bowen Engineering Corporation, The Dan and Rhonda Hall Family, and Seymour and Rheta Holt.

We would like to help you prepare ahead of time for some of the sights and sounds you will experience at The Children's Museum. Here is what you can expect in this exhibit..

Contains loud noises Contains low light Contains tactile opportunity Contains flashing lights/simulated lightning

You can find more information and tools on our Sensory Resources page.