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Art Lab

Become a paleo art storyteller and pair real science with your creativity to draw, sculpt, and design a day in the life of a dinosaur.

Design a dinosaur hatchling
Draw a dinosaur hatchling, scan it, and watch it hatch and come to life on a large projection screen!

Sculpt a dinosaur egg
A bronze dinosaur egg cast is missing its top! Use putty and tools to help experiment with sculpting and complete the sculpture.

Create a dinosaur dinner scene
Use a magnetic board to compose a scene of herbivores and carnivores eating a meal!

Trace a dinosaur trackway
Create your own trackway—fossilized evidence of dinosaur movement— by making a rubbing from a textured plate.

Animate a dinosaur
Spin a praxinoscope and watch as two different dinosaurs come to life!

Create a dinosaur comic strip
Make a comic book-style story of a day in the life of a dinosaur.


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