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Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas

Mysterious creatures from Earth’s past are returning to ignite your imagination and delight your sense of adventure. Explore ancient aquatic animals in this immersive experience.

Take a deep dive into the Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas™ with these interactive programs and displays:

  • Build a new sea creature on a touchscreen, then watch how it survives in various environments
  • Play with miniature Mesozoic sea creatures in a diorama of the Sundance Sea—perfect for preschoolers
  • Talk to a “dive instructor” and explore the ancient seas in a family “diving expedition”
  • Go on an adventure with Mary Anning—the first female paleontologist—as she shares tidbits of her big discoveries and accomplishments

Explore Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas™ and discover these ancient animals:


Interesting fact:

  • The largest turtle to ever swim the seas


Interesting facts:

  • The specimen on display was excavated from the Jurassic Mile™ by paleontologists from The Children’s Museum
  • 15 feet long
  • Marine reptile that looked a bit like a dolphin
  • Had eyes the size of dinner plates to help it see prey beneath the waves in very low light


Interesting facts:

  • A huge predator with a very long neck, sharp teeth
  • Smooth flippers that pulled it through the water without slowing it down


Interesting facts:

  • About 15 feet long
  • A type of mosasaur that swam in the western interior seaway of North America
  • This specimen is one of many real fossils that were housed in our museum’s Natural Science collection that are now being displayed for all to see

Parapuzosia seppradensis

Interesting facts:

  • At six feet, this is known as the world’s largest ammonite
  • Ammonites are extinct mollusks
  • Moved up and down through the sea by changing pressure inside chambers within their shells
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Contains loud noises Contains low light Contains strong smellsContains tactile opportunity Contains flashing lights/simulated lightning