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Lilly Theater

Seats are available per show on a first come, first served basis. Visitors should plan to arrive 15 minutes before the show and go to the lobby outside Lilly Theater. 

Live performances to inspire and engage

Fantasy, comedy, colorful costumes, and imaginative scenery come together in plays designed for all ages. Experience familiar and surprising stories brought to life. 

Free with museum admission.

Please ask a theater staff member if you need an assistive listening device or have a question about accommodations. We are happy to help!

Located on the Lower Level


The Magic Snowman

Nov. 22–Dec. 29
Written by: Stephen Murray

Running time 45 minutes, recommended for ages 4+

A mysterious stranger arrives at a village where everyone is grumpy, gloomy, and just plain glum. The stranger’s arrival marks one of the most magical days of the year—winter’s first snow. But the freshly fallen snow fails to cheer up any of the grumpy villagers until the stranger decides to make a magic snowman. This interactive musical offers an abundance of warmth, spirit, and goodwill that will delight children of all ages.


If you need a fidget and forgot yours, we have some available at the back of the theater. Noise-reducing headphones and small weighted blankets are also available. Please ask a staff member if you need help locating these items.

Advance tickets encouraged!

Live shows inside Lilly Theater are included with museum general admission and membership. Save up to 25% on museum general admission when you buy at least two weeks in advance. For unlimited visits, become a member today!

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Social Narrative

Download our social narrative to see photos and learn more about some of the areas that your child may find appealing, and some of the areas that may be sensory-heavy or over-stimulating. You may want to read this guide with your child one or more times prior to your visit.

Download Social Narrative (Lilly Theater)


We would like to help you prepare ahead of time for some of the sights and sounds you will experience at The Children's Museum. Here's what you can expect in this exhibit.

Contains loud noises Contains low light Contains strong smells Contains flashing lights/simulated lightning

You can find more information and tools on our Sensory Resources page.