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Mini Masterpieces

Mini Masterpieces is of the longest-standing permanent exhibits at The Children’s Museum. Using the incredibly detailed worlds of miniatures, this exhibit brings these fascinating mini creations to life and provide space for your family to create your own stories.

The newly-updated more immersive displays and new interactives that capitalize on families’ fascination with these small scale worlds. It also includes the Chateau Beaumont miniature house, a gift from Wanda Fortune.

What makes these miniatures extraordinary?

  • Storytelling helps children to develop new ideas about the world around them and express those ideas in a creative way.
  • Noticing tiny details helps children—especially young children—develop visual literacy skills as they make careful observations and interpret what they see.
  • Mini Masterpieces encourages intergenerational memory sharing amongst family members. We hope the new installation will allow families to make new “mini” memories that they will continue to share for generations to come.
  • Builders of miniatures create these tiny worlds which inspire families in their own creative pursuits!

Mini Masterpieces is made possible by the generous support of the Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation.