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National Art Museum of Sport

Presented by The George and Peggy Rapp Family in the Efroymson Pavilion

The National Art Museum of Sport, or NAMOS, is dedicated to celebrating sport through art. Select pieces are on display from the collection’s nearly 1,000 works.

This permanent exhibit highlights art of iconic moments and athletes as well as art by athletes. As you walk through the Efroymson Pavilion, see art grouped by themes, and note our featured artist C.W. Mundy. Also, check out art and programs from this year's Visiting Artists.

Must-see works of art: 

  • Cobb Slide, Ray Ellis
  • Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee, Muhammad Ali 
  • French Connection, LeRoy Neiman
  • Au But! (To the Goal), Alfred Boucher
  • Jackie Robinson, Barney Stein
  • Bathers, Winslow Homer
  • Arthur Ashe, Donald Moss
  • Racing, Rosalee Blum
  • Tennis, Erte

Being the artist

Much like our paleo-art gallery above Dinosphere®, NAMOS has a space to encourage children and families to create their own sport-inspired masterpieces. Become inspired by the art in NAMOS, then put yourself in the artist’s shoes and create something magical to put on the refrigerator back home. Who knows, maybe you’ll move from the fridge into NAMOS one day! 

  • Illustrate motion through sport and take home your drawing
  • Make your own sports card with your best stats