Important Update: The museum has a new mask policy. Learn more: Learn More
Important Update: The museum has a new mask policy. Learn more: Learn More
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Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks

COVID-19 Safety Exhibit Updates:
Many low-touch interactive elements within Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks are open. These touchable elements are sanitized by staff frequently, and sanitizing wipes are provided for your use. The STEMLab is open at reduced capacity, but SciencePort is closed. The following high-touch elements are closed or have been removed for your health and safety:
  • In the House, the Look-Beneath-the-Porch crawl-through is closed and the Plant the Garden, Complete the Plumbing, and Fill Your Plate interactives have been removed.
  • The Climbing Wall is closed.
  • View the Hill binocular interactive is closed
  • The Wentzscopes have been removed.
  • Costumes and Field Notebooks have been removed throughout the exhibit.

June 8, 2021 update:
We will be reopening many of our hands-on interactives over the next three-week period. Click here to see the schedule!

All Children's Museum exhibits will have capacity limits. Museum staff will monitor occupancy and if capacity is reached, staff will admit visitors to the exhibit when others leave.

Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks feeds the curiosity of the next generation of young scientific explorers! Explore the work of real scientists like hydrologists, naturalists, and geologists. See how people like engineers, farmers, and others use science process skills to ask questions and seek answers to help us in our daily lives. 

Things to do in Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks:

  • View field journals to draw conclusions about species that exist in caves, hills, fields, and even under houses!
  • Use different data streams like Doppler radar and Twitter to create a weather forecast at the Weather Station.
  • Climb along the Hillside to discover species that live underground.
  • Examine real amphibians and their roles in the Pond.
  • Get behind the wheel of a John Deere combine cab on the Farm as you harvest and protect plants.
  • Understand how we clean and manage water, and engineer your own water system to help transport materials, create energy, and prevent flooding from the Great Lakes all the way to the Mississippi Delta.
  • Step into the Geology Lab to see and touch extraordinary minerals and see what they’re used for in everyday materials.
  • Learn how caves are formed, and find the species that thrive in them.

Most importantly, determine what kind of scientist you might like to be!

Please note, the ScienceWorks water table is treated in a manner consistent with and to the same standard as a public swimming pool.  As a result, the products used to disinfect and treat the water could create smells similar to chlorine and others found in pool environments.  

ScienceWorks is made possible by the generous support of Corteva Agriscience.