Give a Gift Membership

One gift for a lifetime of memories.

A gift membership to The Children’s Museum is one for ALL ages that lasts ALL year—that’s simple shopping. This extraordinary gift is for the entire family and is packed with experiences that last a lifetime.

Benefits for up to two adults sharing the same household.
  • Family includes and all children under age 21.
  • Grandparent includes all unmarried grandchildren under age 21.
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Best Value!
Includes Basic Family or Grandparent Membership benefits plus two guests per visit (cardholder must accompany guest).
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All perks, all year. Just for members.

Not only do members get unlimited museum visits all year long, but we’ve wrapped up other year-round goodies too, like:

  • free, unlimited Carousel rides
  • discounts on family programs & preschool tuition
  • advance tickets to special events
  • exclusive members-only hours
  • ongoing discount at The Museum Store

Free museum admission   Free Carousel Rides   Members-only hours