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Lilly Girls & Young Women in STEM

Statement on Girls & Young Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math):

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis strives to highlight successful women in STEM as positive role models for children and families. In particular, we believe that in order to support girls and young women in their explorations of STEM, it’s vital to connect them with role models who are women working in, and making significant contributions to, STEM fields and concepts. 

We believe the museum has a responsibility to educate ourselves and others about the need for high-quality STEM education and effective ways to encourage girls to pursue STEM. We are committed to supporting girls and their families through our programs, exhibits, and resources. 

Jennifer Pace Robinson
President and CEO

Why is the museum focused on Girls and STEM?

The museum brought together STEM experts and created a Girls and Young Women in STEM Advisory Committee, who identified several key facts about how to connect girls and young women with STEM. 

  • Support from key influencers, such as parents and teachers, will increase the likelihood that a girl pursues STEM interests.
  • Participating in STEM activities at an early age, will help a girl have a positive view of STEM.
  • Girls lose interest in STEM progressively, so keeping them connected with STEM is important.
  • Many girls identify with creativity and express an interest in jobs that can change or help the world.

How Can I help my child connect with STEM?

The museum is excited to offer resources for families and adults to connect girls with STEM.