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Sensory Maps

If you are visiting The Children’s Museum and have a child with ASD or sensory sensitivities, the museum would like to help prepare your child ahead of time for some of the sights and sounds you will experience.

Download a sensory map or pick one up once you arrive at the Entry Gates or Concierge Desk. Maps provide information about the layout of the museum and indicate areas that are sensory-heavy, as well as those that may be less stimulating. Symbols indicate if a particular area:

Contains Low LightContains Low Light

Is BrightIs Bright

Is QuietIs Quiet

Is LoudIs Loud

Contains a Tactile OpportunityContains a Tactile Opportunity

Contains a Movement OpportunityContains a Movement Opportunity

Contains a Strong SmellContains a Strong Smell

Download the Map

Sets of fidget toy kits and noise-reducing headphones are available to check out from the Concierge Desk. You are welcome to take the kits with you throughout the museum. These kits include a small massage roller toy, a squeezy ball, and a Bendeez stick or Koosh ball, which provide tactile stimulation and can promote focus and concentration.

If you need a quiet space at any time during your visit, you may contact a security staff member or the concierge.