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The Visiting Artist Program

Spark your creativity and explore art in an exciting way!

Each year, the museum recruits exceptional artists with Indiana ties to publicly present and teach their work. The artists interact and inspire children and families with art exhibits, displays, and hands-on workshops. 

Meet our 2024–2025 Visiting Artists

Emily Bennett

Visiting Artist Emily Bennett.If your first thought of "sculpture" is a gleaming marble bust from ancient Greece, just wait until you see the work of Terre Haute artist Emily Bennett! She redefines what sculpture can be, weaving colorful fibers onto metal structures to create bold, vibrant pieces. The results are what she calls "imginary dreamscapes" that you can hang on the wall or set on a shelf. As programming coordinator for the Community School of the Arts at Indiana State University, Bennett relishes helping people uncover their artistic abilities.

"I love teaching kids and adults new skills and watching their eyes light up as they learn. Witnessing the moment when a concept 'clicks' for my students is just immensly gratifying."—Emily Bennett

Rebecca Robinson

Visiting Artist Rebecca RobinsonEver see a piece of art that you just want to reach out and touch? What about an artwork that evokes a strong feeling? Those ar the types of works Indianapolis-based mixed-media artist Rebecca Robinson seeks to make. She frequently uses contrast and texture—her materials of choice include concrete and tar—to create pieces that convey a thought, an emotion, or a personal experience. Most of all, she wants her work to start a conversation. She's passionate about nurturing kids' skills and encouraigng them to explore their creativity.

"Art has a unique way of connecting people of all ages, particularly children."—Rebecca Robinson


The Visiting Artist Program is a project of the Lechleiter Indiana Visiting Artist Fund with support provided by The White Oak Foundation, Sarah and John Lechleiter.