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The Visiting Artist Program

Spark your creativity and explore art in an exciting way!

Each year, the museum recruits exceptional artists with Indiana ties to publicly present and teach their work. The artists interact and inspire children and families with art exhibits, displays, and hands-on workshops. 

Meet the 2022–2023 Visiting Artists

Photo of Ashley Nora's face

Ashley Nora

Ashley fell in love with drawing when she was just 6 years old. She created her first portrait with color pencils when she was only 9. After graduating from Anderson University in 2012, she began her career as a chemist. Although she was in a great career, Ashley realized she still loved art. She decided to paint periodically. In 2017, she commissioned her first painting. That led to creating more commissioned art. In 2019, she made the bold decision to leave her career in science to pursue creating art full-time.

Ashley captures real moments of human interaction through portraiture using multiple mediums to express different ideas. Many ask Ashley what her “art style or medium” is. Ashley does not have a specific style or medium.

Ashley will be hosting Galactic Inspirations, a workshop where you’ll create your own artwork using deep colors from oil pastels, drawing inspiration from what's beyond Earth!

Photo of Beatriz Vasquez's faceBeatriz Vasquez

Beatriz Vasquez is a visual ARTIVIST, whose work experiments with the conceptual use of Papel Picado, a Mexican Folkloric Art. With the manipulation of paper she transforms layers of intricate cut paper into murals, creates wearable sculptures, and exhibits large scale installations. 

Beatriz’s work focuses on her Mexican-American ancestry, cultural memory, border culture, and current social issues on immigration, human rights, and climate change advocacy. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University’s Herron School of Art and Design in 2006.

Beatriz will be hosting Wearable Art, a workshop where you’ll explore the concepts and versatility of paper and use your imagination to create your own wearable paper art.

The Visiting Artist Program is a project of the Lechleiter Indiana Visiting Artist Fund with support provided by The White Oak Foundation, Sarah and John Lechleiter.