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Top 5 Reasons to Visit The Children’s Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House

Trick or treat yo’ self this scary season by visiting the super spectacular Haunted House at The Children’s Museum. If you aren’t convinced by the fact that it is in the largest children’s museum in the world, here are reasons as to why this needs to be on your Halloween bucket list:

Crowd wearing costumes at The Children's Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House

#1 It’s the oldest-running haunted house in the nation

All of our visitors must be having a ‘gourd’ of a time because the haunted house opened October 22, 1964 and has been running every Halloween season since. The Haunted House was founded by Dessie Partenheimer, who was a member of The Children’s Museum Guild—a group of women volunteers. It was such a success that they raised $13,200 with each ticket only costing 50 cents. The Children’s Museum Guild is in charge of the Haunted House to this day and every year they take charge to construct a Haunted House that is lots of skele-fun! 

#2 It’s an activity that won’t break the bank

Even though this is The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’s largest fundraiser, it’s surprisingly inexpensive. At only $9 a ticket—$8 for members—this Haunted House serves as a reasonably priced, fangtastic activity to do during Halloween time! You do not have not even have to purchase museum admission to experience the fun! The Haunted House is separate. You can feel good about giving back during the Halloween season.

#3 Each year there is a new theme

Visit the Haunted House every year and you will be immersed into an entirely different experience! In years past, there have been themes such as Cursed Castle, Vampire Vacation, and Pirates Revenge.  Each year, they completely transform the space into a new adventure, yet each Haunted House continues to be just creative as the last. Year after year it will make you Hallo-scream!

People wearing costumes at The Children's Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House

#4 There are ‘Friendly vs. Frightening’ hours! 

This Haunted House is perfect for the whole family! For those who prefer friendly goblins and monsters, the Haunted House features operating hours dedicated to Lights-On, non-actor experiences. There is upbeat music, Halloween trivia, and trick-or-treating for the kiddos during these hours. The frights return at night with something lurking around every corner. The hours for those who dare to be scared feature eerie music, masked haunters who jump out, and dimmer lighting. You are able to purchase tickets for either time based on what your child would feel most comfortable with. Costumes are more than welcome at both times!

#5 It’s all indoors!

Boo-yah! No need to look at that weather app and wonder if your weekend plans will be soiled. The Haunted House is completely indoors so that you can continue to have a fang-tastic time even when it is raining.

Guild Witches at The Children's Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House

If you are looking for a fa-boo-lous time, make sure you visit The Children’s Museum Guild's Annual Haunted House! Have an eek-tastic Halloween!