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Blog Ambassadors Race to Win

Throughout the year we'll hear from eight bloggers as they share about their family's time in the brand-new Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience® and how it inspires them to explore these sports back at home. 

This post was written by Children's Museum Blog Ambassador Ashleigh Ferguson. Follow her posts on the blog and follow her on Instagram @mymotherhood.life

I can’t believe this is our LAST blog post as one of the Springtime Blog Ambassadors for The Children’s Museum! It’s gone so fast!...and speaking of things that go fast...

It was a tough choice choosing which area of the sports experience to focus our post on this month, but with the excitement from the Indy 500 still in full force here, we went with the Racing Experience! And there's so much racing to choose from at the museum, too. There's not one but TWO tracks outside—the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pedal Car Racetrack Experience and ALSO the Church Brothers Collision Repair Drag Strip, too, where you can also try out a pedal car where the christmas tree lights count down to green and "GO!" Indoors you can experience the thrill of the track rain or shine, where in The World of Sport exhibit you can try out the Pit Stop Challenge in the Church Brothers Collision Repair Motorsports Garage. (Pro-tip: This is also where you can find a couple of Hot Wheels tracks to play with year-round!) 

Cash and Axel are huge Hot Wheels fans, I mean what kid isn’t?? Between racing around the track to changing the tires in the Pit Stop Challenge at the museum, they love it all! Right now the seasonal Hot Wheels: Race to Win exhibit is also at the museum—which means there's even MORE racing fun to be had. But the fun didn’t stop at the museum! Cash and Axel have been racing their Hot Wheels all over the house, making “race tracks,” and lining cars up everywhere! 

After our last trip to the museum, I decided to do a little science experiment at home with their cars! The boys made ramps of all different heights to see which one made the car go the farthest distance. We even tested out heavier and lighter weight cars to see which one went fastest! Keeping it all simple and age appropriate, of course! 

They learned about momentum and distance—and had fun doing it! Science made fun is my kind of learning! 

We had SO much fun as a Blog Ambassadors and hope to see some of you around the museum soon! Come follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @MyMotherhood.Life for more adventures with Cash, Axel, and our family! :) 

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