The museum will open to the public beginning July 11. Here’s what you need to know. Learn More
The museum will open to the public beginning July 11. Here’s what you need to know. Learn More
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Blog Ambassadors Unveil the Mystery Behind the Brooms in the Tree of Sports

Throughout the year we'll hear from eight bloggers as they share about their family's time in the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience® and how it inspires them to explore these sports back at home. 

This post was written by Children's Museum Blog Ambassador Kate Amos. Follow her posts on the blog or follow her at @indywithkids on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.  

It’s officially fall in Indiana, so here are a couple of things we can count on: It will be 82 degrees today and 40 degrees soon, and The Children’s Museum Haunted House will be one of our kids’ most talked-about events of the season. 

You’ve probably seen the Grim-nasium promotion already happening. At the Amos house we have a schedule on our fridge, a countdown in the works, and tickets in our secret stash of tickets-for-cool-stuff. This year’s theme promises a spooky good game-time with a phantom-filled gym. Older kids are prepared for the scares, and little ones look forward to the treats along the way. Here’s something else we can count on every fall...The Children’s Museum Guild will put forth immeasurable amounts of effort and hours to create this spooktacular event, and our much-loved museum (and its many visitors young and old) will reap the benefits. 

Oh, you thought I was supposed to be writing about the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®? Well, if you happened to pay attention while exploring the Tree of Sports you might have found that it has a spooky theme year-round. Haven’t noticed? Next time your kiddos are climbing, be on the lookout for brooms, witches hats, and cauldrons! Plaques near caldrons and on hats boast the names of donors to The Children’s Museum Guild. In fact, the tree’s full name is The Children’s Museum Guild’s Fantasy Treehouse of Sports! Here's some insider info...The Guild goes all-in with their Haunted House duties, proudly taking on the title of "witch" and donning their best, sparkliest pointy hats as they create their masterpiece each year. The two new witches in charge of the Haunted House each year are (for real) called the "Head Witches"—no, I'm not making this up. 

Since 1964 the Children’s Museum Guild has donated over 12.7 million dollars in Haunted House proceeds to The Children’s Museum. In addition to this annual attraction they also sponsor special events such as the Black Hat Bash, and provide volunteers for events and exhibits throughout the year. So, here are a few more things you can count on this fall (and all year) that you probably didn’t even know about—The Children’s Museum Guild will continue to serve the community in the name of art and education. YOU and other museum visitors get all the perks. 

So next time you visit the Tree of Sports be on the lookout for the names of the donors on the hats and cauldrons. And now that you know more about The Children’s Museum Guild, be on the lookout for their name throughout the year. 

Want more info on The Children’s Museum Guild? You can read a historical summary HERE

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