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Take Me There: China's Impact, One Year Later

By Grant Goshorn, Take Me There Gallery Coordinator, Interpretation

Thousands, no millions, of photographs are taken here at The Children’s Museum annually. As Take Me There: China prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary I've had the bittersweet job of looking through some of our pictures from the opening day celebration last May. I'm sending these photos to China with Ma Lan and Chen Lin, our Chinese Teachers in Residence who have now returned home after their year in Indianapolis. As I went through the photographs, I was startled that people that were once strangers in the crowd were now familiar faces. These people were inspired by Lin, Lan, and the Take Me There: China gallery to learn more about China and share their stories with us.  

For example, here is a picture of Chen Lin teaching Dishu, or ground calligraphy, during opening day. The young man in the picture, Brayden Meng, was inspired by the instruments in the gallery to learn how to tune the guzheng, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Already an accomplished violinist, Brayden now tunes our guzhengs every Thursday after classes at St. Richards School. 


Here is Ma Lan  talking with guests during the Chinese Gala. The gentleman who took over the guzheng from Ma Lan is Master Ka Leung Ching, founder of the Indianapolis Chinese Orchestra (ICO). Master Ka approached us soon after opening about having the ICO perform in the gallery, which they have twice since then. 

 See if you can find Master Ka playing the hulusi in this video.

This photograph was taken just after opening.  We already knew Max because his mother, Charity Counts, is our Associate VP of Exhibits and helped to create the gallery!

Inspired by his time with Lin and Lan, Max decided to make this artwork, entitled “Dragon in China” which he shared with the Teachers in Residence.

Now it's your turn! We want to hear how your family has been influenced by the Take Me There: China exhibit. Take a photo of your family practicing calligraphy, using chopsticks, or experiencing another aspect of Chinese culture somewhere outside of the museum, whether it's at home, at a park, or on your travels. Share it with us using the #ChinaAtTCM hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. (See the full contest rules.) Two posts a month will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift certificate to the Museum Store. We can’t wait to see how your Take Me There: China experience has inspired your family!

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