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Community Stories: Meet Randall

I’m Kelsey Hambleton, a Family Learning Navigator with the Old National Bank Mid-North Promise Program at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I’m a social worker by trade and I’ve been with the Mid-North Promise Program for two and a half years now. When I was first hired, I remember being delighted at the idea of doing social work inside a museum. I still feel that way. 

My role at the museum is to use my skills in social work to come alongside neighborhood families and work with them towards reaching their goals of career and academic success, which is what the Mid-North Promise Program is all about. Families attend monthly workshops, get support and encouragement from our team, and can apply for scholarships to help them further their dreams. 

Meet Randall Tichenor

Randall Tichenor is one of the people I’m lucky enough to work with in my role as a Family Learning Navigator. Randall was referred by Celeste, a current participant. He enrolled in the Mid-North Promise Program in June, 2020—a particularly chaotic time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Randall’s focus was to get connected with an organization that could help him with career advancement. I worked with him to get in touch with one of our community partners, Fathers and Families, which is just down the street. Randall worked with Fathers and Families to complete a forklift certificate, and continues to work towards completing his High School Equivalency. 

I feel lucky to be able to work alongside Randall, whose story is one of resilience and continued growth. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Old National Bank Mid-North Promise Program, please email us at promiseinfo@childrensmuseum.org