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Curator Ashley Hannum discusses how you can create your collection for your Museum at Home

Create your own collection: How to focus your collection

There's a lot of different ways to focus your collection. Curator Ashley Hannum takes us behind the scenes to talk about how you can bring focus to the new creation you're creating.

Stuffed animal facts

There were a lot of stuffed animals featured in this video. Here's some more information about them.

Ty Beanie Babies

Featured in this video: Crunch the Shark (1996), Early the Robin (1997), Eggbert (1999), Paul the Walrus (1999) 

Beanie Babies were a hot collectible in the 1990s. Some collectors would sometimes pay over $1000 for certain discontinued or hard to find items. During each year, certain beanies were discontinued and collectors would drive up the prices. By about 1999 or 2000, the fad wore off—perhaps because collectors discovered that it was just that, a passing fad—which was based on an artificial market. Nonetheless, Beanie Babies are considered a popular culture icon of the 1990s, much like the Rubik's Cube of the 1980s or the Hula-Hoop of the 1950s.

Steiff stuffed animals

Featured in this video: Alligator (Gaty) and walrus, both from around 1960

Based in Germany, the Steiff Company is a world-renowned manufacturer of high quality teddy bears and an infinite variety of plush animals. Since the first Steiff creation in 1880 by founder Margarete Steiff, children and adults all over the world have come to cherish the company's creations. The quality, design and prestige of Steiff articles have lent to the highly collectible status of the products. These stuffed animals date to around 1960, but Steiff is still making children’s toys today!


Featured in this video:

  • Antiqued teddy bear: The artist who made this bear, Jennie Rettie of Crown Point, IN, used an old-style pattern & materials (mohair fur, excelsior (shaved wood) stuffing to give her bear the "antique" look popular with modern collectors.
  • Norman Rockwell American bear (1982): This bear was made by Dean's and based on the original Norman Rockwell illustration, "The Baby Sitter," that appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on November 8, 1947.

Teddy Bears have been a very popular toy since their invention in 1903. The first teddy bears were developed by two toymakers, Morris Michtom and Richard Steiff (of the Steiff company). The toys were inspired by a political cartoon depicting President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to kill a tied up bear. Teddy bears are still among the most gifted toys for children. They are also frequently collected by both children and adults. 

Daffy Duck

Featured in this video: this Daffy Duck stuffed animal was made in 1999.

Daffy Duck is a Warner Bros. character, most well-known for his appearances in the Looney Tunes cartoon series. He made his first appearance in 1937, but is still a loved cartoon character today.

Share your collection with us

How are you going to bring focus to your collection? Share your collection with us by using the hashtag #TCMatHome on social media. We can't wait to see what you're doing!

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