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Day 1 - Diggin in

Wow.  What a day!  Day 1 brought with it blue skies and a cool breeze.  Families were excited as they loaded into the vans and headed out to the site.  First stop:  surface collecting.  It's amazing all the treasures that can be found just lying on the ground!  Within minutes families found teeth, tendons and bone fragments, simply by looking down.

After surface collecting, families got a brief 'How-To' from Dallas and were finally able to roll up their shirt sleeves and start digging in!

It was an excellent first day as families managed to find, map and wrap over 20 vertebrae, ribs, and more.  The big finds came at the end of the day when families unearthed a complete dorsal vertebrae and an ulna!  These pieces were carefully pedestalled and jacketed in plaster for safe transport back to the museum.

We headed back to town just in time as dark clouds rolled in...

Here's hoping for dry ground tomorrow.