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Day 3 - On the Road Again

As you know, for the first time in five years we had to cancel the dig on Friday.  Due to 5 inches of rain in one night after 8 years of drought, our precious fields that we call digging home became flooded with mud, silt, and several feet of water in some places.  Our site that we used for only one day became a mud pit of quick-sand like silt that made it impossible to dig, let alone get to.  When Dallas and William were finally able to make it out to the site on Sunday, this is what they found...

Thus, the decision was made to move the site to a new location in order to ensure digging for the remainder of the week.  Unfortunately, this meant canceling the dig for Monday as well.  The families were amazing and understanding and took the news well.  It helped that most of them were planning on sticking around for Tuesday's dig and they were happy to join us on a trip down to Hill City for the Black Hills Geological Research Institute where they were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour with Neal Larson and then on to Mount Rushmore.

We returned to Faith with the good  news that new site was 'all set' so we're excited to see what tomorrow brings.  The weatherman promises clear skies and low 80's for the rest of the week - Let's hope he's right!