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Day 6 - Last Diggin Day

As we arrived at the site on our final family digging day, we were greeted with an early morning fly-over by Day 5 diggers Paul and Alex.  They were kind enough to send us a photo of what they saw - we've been wondering how we looked from above!

Thanks for the photo Paul!

As the day progressed, we continued to uncover some exciting finds with the families.  Taylor and her mom found this, which according to William is: It's part of the top of a vertebra.  The two flat parts are the prezygapophysis.  It's where that part of the vertebra meets up with the one in front of it...with a bit of cartilage in between.  It's above the round part of the bone, and below the spine that sticks up.

Pictured here is a vertebrae that Nicole found while surface collecting!  It's not common to find these during surface collecting so when this happens the fossil is carefully mapped and wrapped and taken back to the museum for further study.

On this last day of digging we'd like to thank all of our extraordinary families for all their hard work and fun during the digs.  We're already starting to plan for next year so keep checking back to this site to stay on top of all the latest information our 2010 digs plus special paleo-programming that we'll have through out the year!