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Dig Recap

After the families and teachers have finished their digs, Dallas and William leave no exposed bone behind.  As a result, they usually have to stay for several days after everyone else has left, and continue to excavate all of the bones that were uncovered in the previous weeks' digs.  This often leads to even more discoveries so on their last day of digging, Dallas and William uncovered 2 femora, 2 humeri, 1 scapula and 2 ribs!

When it was all said and done, the guys headed back to The Children's Museum with 162 bones to be worked on and researched back in the lab.  Families and teachers may schedule an appointment and visit their discoveries any time throughout the year.  In fact, the guys can be seen working on their finds anytime the museum is open.  The fun and education don't end with the digs.  Anyone is welcome to visit the lab and find out what's going on.  Keep checking back here to read up on up-coming programs, dig reunions, and the latest news on the 2010 digs!

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