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Take a Sneak Peek at the Frightful Frontier Haunted House

Grab your $9 tickets and round up the cowpokes up for a spook-tacular ride through the Frightful Frontier Haunted House. Make your reservation today and choose between AES Indiana’s Lights-On Hours—recommended for children who scare easily—and AAA Insurance’s Frightening Hours—for children who dare to be scared. 

Curious what chaos will ensue once you board the last train to Tombtown? The Guild Witches have agreed to provide this exclusive sneak peek at this year’s fang-tastic excursion to the Wicked West.

Reuben Spells Creepy Caboose

Round up for a ride on the Creepy Caboose
A trip into Tombtown where spirits run loose
The witch, Annie Ogrely, eagerly waits
To wrangle the cowpokes who have sealed their fate!

Cowboy skeleton and horse skeleton at the entrance to the Frightful Frontier Haunted House entrance at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Ghost Town Rd.

Visit the bank or the ole’ Sip n’ Spur
Ghost Town Rd. is an avenue sure to disturb
Get your provisions at the Spooktintile
 The terror is looming down this wicked mile.

The Bony Express

Cowboys and Cowgirls come gather your mail
A message out yonder to tell wicked tales
In The Bony Express you’ll find posters of wanted
The outlaws revealed for all to be haunted.

Cowboy skeleton and mailbags inside Bony Express room in the Frightful Frontier Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

End of the Road Rd.

On End of the Road Rd. there is no place to hide
Ghost riders will go for their one final ride
As legend would have it a skeleton’s curse,
Will take you away in a hair-raising hearse!

Morbid Meridian St.

In Mummyment Valley your stagecoach is vile

-Stampedes are-a-loomin’ down this dusty mile
-Get full as a tick to fend off the scurvy
Morbid Meridian St. will make you quite nervy

 Morbid Meridian Street, including displays of a bank and saloon inside the Frightful Frontier Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.
Witchin’ Post

While hitchin’ your steed at the ole’ Witchin’ Post,
Your tack and your boots will be filled with your ghost
’Cause witches ’round here have taken the reins
With blood-curdling cackles and ice in their veins!

Not-So-Okay Corral

The corral on this ranch is Not-So-Okay,
Afeared are the goblins that have decided to stray.
Get ready to round up your courage and grit,
To wrangle the ghouls with your bridle and bit!

Entrance to the Not-So-OK-Corral in the Frightful Frontier Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Boo Hill Cemetery

The spirits of Tombtown will conjure the past
On Boo Hill Cemetery where they laid their head last
They rise from their graves and out of thin air
The creepiest cowpokes to give you a scare!

Skeletons and gravestones under a full moon in the Boo Hill Cemetery area inside the Frightful Frontier Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.
Rattler’s Nest

What is more frightful than the Wicked West?
Getting tangled up in a Rattler’s Nest!
The warning of doom is a slither and shake
A rattlesnake's den, where nightmares we make.

Unhappy Trails to You!

Unhappy Trails to You and all of your kin
As terror and dread are starting to sink in
You don’t have to go home, but we wouldn’t stay here
Catch the last train out of the Frightful Frontier!

Skeleton guarding the exit to Frightful Frontier Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Saddle up for the Frightful Frontier!

Not sure if AES Indiana's Lights-On Hours or AAA Insurance's Frightening Hours is right for your family? See our blog post for tips, then round up the cowpokes and saddle up for a trip to the Wicked West! Get your tickets today!