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Explore examples of Greek art in the Cultural Center in Take Me There: Greece at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Greece at a Glance: The Cultural Center

With the grand opening of Take Me There®: Greece finally here, we wanted to show how years of dedicated research and collaboration with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports have helped make this exhibit a reality. In this blog series, we’ll show you how we’ve used the research our staff has done abroad to create this snapshot of life in modern Greece. We’ll also give you a closer look at some of the unique experiences we have in store for you and your family!

The Cultural Center

Experience some beautiful examples of Greek art and learn how ancient motifs and design principles still influence modern artists in the Cultural Center.

Greece’s long history has given it thousands of years of stunning art in a variety of mediums.Examples of Greek art from various time periods can be seen in museums all over the country.

Check out this video to see how real Greek museums influenced our Cultural Center.

Learn about Greek design motifs and see how they’re featured in various art. You can even use puzzle pieces to create your own Greek motif! Try looking for Greek design motifs in the other pieces of art you find in the Cultural Center. You can see even more examples of Greek design motifs in ancient Greek art in our Treasures of Ancient Greece exhibit.

Learn about the role icons of religious figures play in Byzantine art and see original paintings of these Byzantine icons.

Explore both classic and modern Greek fashion and learn how clothing plays an important role in traditional celebrations. See how Greek fashion designers are influenced by classical Greek fashion even today.

Exploring the Cultural Center in Take Me There Greece at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

View some ancient artifacts from Greece’s past and learn about the importance of museums in Greece. Because of its long history, museums and artifacts are very important parts of Greek economy and culture. Try finding the similarities and differences between the ancient artifacts and modern Greek art.

To learn more and experience modern Greece for yourself, plan your visit to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Keep in mind, Take Me There®: Greece won’t be here forever –you never know where Take Me There Airways will go next!

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