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Looking back at recent Children's Museum Guild's Haunted House themes

Haunted House Themes Through the Years

The Children’s Museum Guild Haunted House is a staple of Halloween in Indianapolis. The Guild witches have so much fun planning around a fun theme each year!

As we all know well by now, nothing in 2020 is going quite as envisioned, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be fun (and safe!) celebrations taking place at The Children’s Museum in October. The Monster MASKarade will take place outdoors at the Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience® each Friday night and Saturday morning throughout the month. Along with socially distanced games and activities, you’ll also be able to take a trip down memory lane with some of the creepy creations from years past.

Autobot Bumblebee ready for The Children's Museum Guild's annual Haunted House

Let’s revisit some of those iconic Halloween themes as we get excited for this year's Monster MASKarade and the theme for 2021—Frightening Frontier!

2010: Skeletown

This year’s Haunted House was named one of the 10 best in America thanks to the spooks and scares found in rooms like Bone Crusher Stadium, the Zombie Zoo, the Spine-Chilling Speedway, and the Scaregrounds.

Rex wearing a vampire costume standing by the Water Clock in the Sunburst Atrium at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

2011: Vampire Vacation

Ve vant to suck your blood! But even vampires need to get away to Moon-Hatten, New Gore-leans, the Ghoulish Gate Bridge after spending all these years scaring the world!

2012: Wicked Workshop

Winny the Witch and her crew of Witchkins whipped up lots of goodies like candy in the Sugar Shock and conjured ghosts in the Ghost Post.

2013: 50 Years of Fear

This was a big year as it marked 50 (!!!) years of the Guild’s Haunted House. Visitors were able to time travel through five “deadcades” of music, TV, movies and history.

50 years of fear Haunted House theme

2014: Creepy Carnival

What a wild ride this Haunted House was! It was both frightful and delightful for all who walked through the doors.

2015: Pirates Revenge

Ahoy, mateys! Captain Crossroads took kids and adults alike to No Rules Island where they had to walk the plank and maneuver a maze—all while trying to avoid the creepy kracken.

2016: Cursed Castle

Picture it: A king and a dragon are trapped forever in a castle. But visitors to this scary scene all had a chance to try to break the curse.

The Children's Museum's Guild Haunted House Cursed Castle at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

2017: Wicked Woods

There are few things scarier than a haunted forest, right? You just never knew what might be lurking around each and every turn.

2018: Grim-Nasium

As part of the celebration for the then-new Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Exprerience®, the sporty theme continued into the Haunted House where the monsters and ghouls hung out in rooms like the Nasty-torium and a super gnarly locker room.

The Children's Museum Guild's Haunted House Grim-Nasium at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

2019: Hotel of Spells

You can check in anytime you like…but will you ever be able to leave? The bed bugs and zombie bellhops had the run of the place in this creeptastic establishment.

We hope you enjoyed this spooky trip down memory lane. Click here for more information about this year’s Monster MASKarade!

This Throwback Thursday post is sponsored by IPL.

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