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Meet the Blog Ambassadors: Luis and Katie Ruvalcaba

Announcing the return of The Children's Museum Blog Ambassadors—this time with a “legendary” twist! Throughout the year we'll hear from eight bloggers as they share about their family's time in the brand-new Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience® and how it inspires them to explore these sports back at home. We'll get to know four families during our "spring line-up," and another four families during our "fall line-up." But first, let's get to know our legendary team!

This post was written by Children's Museum Blog Ambassadors Katie and Luis Ruvalcaba. Follow their posts on the blog and follow them on Instagram @ruvalcademy.  

There are a few moments in life when you know you’ve “made it.” There are the obvious ones like winning an Oscar or being unfairly maligned in a Taylor Swift song, and then there are the ones more applicable to daily life. For the Ruvalcaba family, being selected as Children’s Museum Blog Ambassadors tells us we’ve made it. This is it. The climax of our existence. We can basically quit now because it's all down hill from here, we imagine. Over the next few months we're excited to share with you our participation in the new Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®—as well as the shenanigans that these visits lead us to at home. 

Since we're going to be sharing with you over the next few months we thought it was only appropriate that we introduce ourselves. We are the Ruvalcabas: Luis, Katie, Maggie, Micah, Millie, and Merritt. We spend an exorbitant amount of time together, so we are hyperaware of each other’s quirks, which we feel are the true windows to our souls. So rather than give you the boring run down (homeschooling family with lots of kids, big dreams, and very little cash!) we are just going to tell you the weirdest thing about each of us.

Luis openly cries at every episode of This Is Us. Literally, every, single, one. Even reruns. He claims it's because he relates to Jack Pierson so much, but the family suspects that it's a ploy to avoid cleaning up dishes after it's over. "Too emotional” my foot. 

Katie has an extremely hostile attitude toward grocery lists. Even when she is able to pick up groceries without going into the store she still maintains a level of disgust about making a list that most people reserve for ocean polluters and whoever invented the rainbow loom.

Maggie is a self-proclaimed nerd who can draw better than 90% of adults we know. She says she wants to be an artist when she grows up which is causing her parents real stress since they were planning to make her room into a home gym when she moved out.

Micah loves football, soccer, basketball, baseball, roller blading, and stealing his parents' socks. He’s remarkably unconcerned by people’s opinions of him when he’s sporting women’s pink wool socks under his basketball shoes. 

Millie is our family’s actress and an avid collector of “purses.”  The quotation marks are because that's really a euphemism. Her “purses” are usually paper bags collected from birthday parties, boutique shops, and most often, Starbucks. These purses are invariably filled with cut-out coloring pages of her favorite character: Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Merritt hates haircuts a lot. He also has a lot of cowlicks on his head. This combination results in a very Albert Einstein-style that often makes people wonder if his head has ever seen a comb. It has, we promise. 


That’s us! We hope you like us, as we think we're pretty much the bee’s knees! We will see you next month for the opening of the sports experience! Follow our homeschool adventures @Ruvalcademy on Facebook and Instagram

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