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Paper Dolls

Paper dolls were so much fun because they were so many activities rolled into one. You used to have to cut them out, and there were always a few outfits in the back of the book to color however you desired. I liked dressing the dolls and organizing them and their clothers. My parents would always let my brother and I have the old Sears and J. C. Penny catalogs when they were done with them. I would cut out dress models and pictures of dresses being sure to make little tabs on the shoulders so they would work on my home made catalog model paper dolls. My brother liked to cut out pictures of toy cars and such. It was one thing we both liked to do and we didn't fight about it. My mother loved paper dolls and my daughters loved paper dolls too and has passed that love onto their daughters. Paper dolls are timeless toys.

-Barbara, Indianapolis

This story was submitted as part of the 100 Toys Project at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Vote for your favorite and share a toy memory through Aug. 17, 2012.