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The Hotel of Spells Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Sneak a peek at the Hotel of Spells Haunted House

Grab your $9 ticket and pack your bags for the spooky Hotel of Spells Haunted House. Make your reservation today and choose between IPL’s Lights-On Hours—recommended for children who scare easily—and CENTURY 21 SCHEETZ Frightening Hours for children who dare to be scared. You can purchase your tickets online, at the museum Box Office, or at Indianapolis-area Old National Bank branches. This spooky hotel’s front desk opens Oct. 11.

Curious about what magic and mayhem the guests might have left behind at the Hotel of Spells? The witch and her staff have agreed to an exclusive private tour of their spooktacular inn.

Hotel of Spells The Children's Museum Guild's 56th annual haunted house at The Children's Museum of Indianpolis

Make your reservations, and prepare to scare
Magic, mishaps, and mayhem are everywhere!
Every inch of this place is haunted and spooky,
The witch’s crooked hand makes it wonky and kooky.
Your adventure begins when you ring the desk bell
Welcome to The Children’s Museum Guild’s Hotel of Spells!

Wretched Reception
In the hotel lobby, you can ring the desk bell.
Check in for your stay at the Hotel of Spells.
The witch and her staff will hand you a key,
You are welcome to stay as long as you please.

Hotel of Spells Wretched Reception

The witch’s crooked wand cast a spell on this space
Now all of the elevators are frozen in place
One magic key card opens the elevator doors,
Slide your key in the card slots...let’s see if it’s yours!

Hexed Hallway
Suitcases in piles, figures lurk in dark corners
This hallway is haunted by old luggage porters.
Make your way down the hall, it seems never to end.
You may just escape if you turn right at the bend.

Count’s Crypt
This Hotel of Spells suite caters to a certain guest,
One who avoids sunlight, and needs little rest.
It’s a room for Dracula and his vampire friends.
Watch out for the bats flying around the bend.

Count's Crypt room in the Hotel of Spells at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The hotel’s grand ballroom looks like Day of the Dead
Where the skeleton bride and her groom have just wed.
The dance of the dead will put you in a trance
Get out of the BallDOOM while you still have a chance!

Hotel of Spells BallDOOM at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Crooked Corridor
Hold onto the railing, and don’t lose your bearings,
This wonky corridor is made just for scaring.
The floors and the walls are tilted and slanted.
This checkerboard hall is bewitched and enchanted.

Face Your Fears
Many fine guests have walked through these halls,
The faces of some decorate the walls.
Are they real? Are they masks? It’s hard to tell.
You could bring one to life if you cast the right spell!

Face your Fears room in the Hotel of Spells at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

sWITCHed Suite
A wizard-in-training once stayed in this room.
The boy’s magic mishap would lead to its doom.
He read from a spell book that was turned upside-down.
Now the bed is on the ceiling and the chandelier is on the ground!

Rooms with a BOO
“Do Not Disturb” signs hang on these doors.
What you find in these rooms is sheer hotel horror,
Bedbugs and rats will give you the creeps.
Request a new room for a good night of sleep!

Rooms with a BOO and bugs in the Hotel of Spells Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Enchanted Emporium
Broomsticks and wands, magic sundries galore,
Ingredients for spells are found in these stores.
Bat wings and troll teeth and whiskers from cats.
Come shop for a spell book and a point witch hat.

Come on down to the hotel lounge
Where Frankenstein serves the best potions in town.
Ruthless Rowe and her band will be playing all night.
The ghosts and grim reapers will try not to fright!

The Spook-easy in the Hotel of Spells Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Maid’s Maze
The maids use this passage to move between rooms
Pushing their carts and carrying brooms,
It’s dark and narrow, this space is a maze
If you make your way out, you’ll be in a daze!

The end of the maze will lead you outside
Behind the brick wall is a dizzying ride
The tunnel will spin around and around
Do your best to keep both feet on the ground.

Wicked Workzone
Another spell mix-up caused some destruction.
So this wing of the hotel is under construction
Stay behind the barriers and the caution tape,
A fall from this balcony would be a terrible fate.

The Wicked Workzone in the Hotel of Spells Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Ominous Alley
Creepy crawlies in this alley make you want to dash!
Hold your nose to get past stinky cans of trash
The alley cats and sewer rats bid you a farewell
You lived to tell about your stay at the Hotel of Spells!

Not sure if Lights-On or Frightening Hours is right for your family? See our blog post for tips!

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Hotel of Spells Haunted House at The Children
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