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Snow Day Fun!

There's a blanket of snow outside and it's time to play! But what can you do after you're done making snow angels and snowmen? We're here to help! We've dug into our archives and found six activities to help elevate your snow day fun! 

Check them out:

1. Make some blubber gloves

Test a blubber substitute in Saturday Science: Blubber Gloves and discover how animals stay warm in the winter. You'll see what it's like to take a dip in cold water (or a pile of snow) without turning into a human popsicle!

2. Use snow to make ice cream

Make your own sweet treat that's ready to eat (and learn a little science along the way) with How to Make Ice Cream in Freezer Bags. Take advantage of the snow outside your door and replace the ice crystals with snow!

3. Build a frozen volcano

You're probably familiar with the old science experiment stand by—mixing baking soda and vinegar to make a volcano. But what happens when you add cold to the mix? Give Saturday Science: Frozen Volcanoes a try and find out.  The results of this experiment might surprise you!

4. Uncover hidden treasure

You already know that road crews use salt to help keep ice-coverd roads clear. In Saturday Science: Ice Excavation, you'll explore how salt is one of the tools archaeologists use to remove an object from a block of ice!

5. Play with toy cars

We know life-size automobiles can slide on slippery roads. What about toy cars? With the Museum at Home: Slip Sliding experiment, you'll use your favorite toy cars to discover how friction affects the world's fastest speed machines—even on the ice!

6. Make it snow inside

You don't want to go outside and play with the snow? We understand. Real Science: Borax Crystals gives you the opportunity to make it snow inside with just a few household items.

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