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The Story Behind Playscape's Rabbits

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"39958","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","alt":"Slonem Rabbits"}}]]If you've had the chance to visit the new Playscape, you may have noticed all of the beautiful nature-inspired artwork. With so many animals "hiding" around Playscape, your little one is bound to find their favorite! Janna Bennett, American Collections Curator, shares the story behind these paintings, and how they can make your family's Playscape experience even more extraordinary.
Playscape offers many opportunities to climb and build; it also offers some incredible art to discover.  With a generous gift from the Joseph F. and G. Marlyne Sexton Family, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis acquired 110 paintings by contemporary artist Hunt Slonem. Over thirty of these paintings are featured throughout the Playscape gallery. 

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Slonem’s animal paintings delight and inspire viewers through his highly textured use of oil paints and bold use of color. His life long interest in painting animals has included everything from rabbits to elephants. The newly donated collection includes paintings of cockatoos, toucans, rabbits, tigers, and luna moths.
Hunt Slonem draws on personal experiences from the world around him to inspire his paintings. Since his youth, insects including moths have fascinated him. To create his 2008 Lunas on display in the art studio, Slonem studied real luna moths. He has always been drawn to their natural beauty and elegant forms.
His art allows you to talk with your child about his or her thoughts on a work of art. In each painting you’ll find excellent opportunities to examine the texture of the paintings. There are also touch panels that recreate a section of the artwork, allowing you to feel the roughness of the paint. On the Rabbit Wall, you’ll find individual portraits of rabbits that are a perfect opportunity to observe differences between rabbit expressions and composition. Keep an eye on those rabbits – the next time you visit there may be different ones on display!
Slonem’s paintings are one of many ways to experience the natural world in The Art Studio. Children and families can observe collections objects for inspiration. Ranging from natural science specimens like pine cones and minerals to textiles and hats, these artifacts are all made from natural materials that reflect the natural objects available to create original collages at the activity table. Elsewhere in the studio, images of paintings, sculptures, collages, textiles, carvings, and photographs from many different time periods and cultures encourage close observation of detail in the artwork.
Don't miss more rabbits in this Vine video, and a sneak peek at some of the paintings you'll see in the gallery in the photos below. Next time you're in Playscape, see if your little one can spot all of the animals in Hunt Slonem's paintings!
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