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Top 10 Tips for What-to-do at Countdown to Noon

Five, four, three, two...NOON! Our annual tradition, Countdown to Noon, is almost here and we’re preparing you for the beginning of the new year! Here are some helpful tips for the day of the fun-fetti filled event: 

  1. There are TWO countdowns: Countdown to Noon isn’t just at noon—who would have thought?! Join in a grand countdown at noon OR one o’clock! Both countdowns will have a confetti grand finale.
  2. Grab a party favor while they last: We’re handing out “Happy New Year” headbands, but grab one early. Our party favors tend to run low even before the first countdown.
  3. Know where to park: We’re working onthe  Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience right now, so on very busy days, you may see museum staff directing vehicles to our overflow parking lots north of the Water Clock Lot and occasionally even to our bus parking lot. ALL of our parking is FREE, and the covered parking garage and Skywalk are still accessible. See our parking tips page for more tips.
  4. Don’t miss music by Zak Morgan: Grammy-nominated musician Zak Morgan will be performing one-half hour before each countdown and will lead the audience in each countdown’s final moments!
  5. Don’t forget your photo opp: Capture the moment! Get a family photo taken in front of our “Happy New Year” banner, and don’t forget to share it using the #atTCM hashtag!
  6. Make a 2016 time capsule: While you’re waiting for the final moments of the countdown, create a time capsule of memories from 2016 at an activity table. You can add your family photo as a finishing touch!
  7. Say “Happy New Year” in more ways than one: Learn pronunciations of New Year greetings from all around the world. Read the pronunciations and match them to their corresponding countries.
  8. Watch the Water Clock drain at 1 p.m.: There’s an added bonus at the end of our second countdown—the Water Clock will drain! It’s quite the spectacle you won’t want to miss.
  9. Jolly Days is still here! Enjoy it: Meet Jolly Days characters, ice-fish, sock-ice-skate, compete in a “snowball’ fight, and take a ride down the Yule Slide! It’s the last week to enjoy the winter wonderland, closing. Jan. 8.
  10. Wind down with a Lilly Theater show: The Elves and the Shoemaker is playing at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. the day of the countdown. Grab a FREE ticket at the Lower Level ticket booth early in the day before they sell out, then settle in to enjoy this holiday classic (with a unique twist!) 

Now you’re fully prepared for a fun-filled New Year’s Eve...AND the kids will be tuckered-out way before the last minute of 2016. (You’re welcome.) Happy New Year!  

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Lori Byrd-McDevitt
Lori Byrd-McDevitt
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