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Wikipedia Image of the Week #7


This is the seventh in a blog series that features a collections object from images that we have donated to Wikipedia. Read the first blog post to learn more about why and how we have donated more than 264 images to Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia's image repository.

We need your help! Can you think of Wikipedia articles where this image can be added? First, read on to learn more about the object from our Natural Science curator, Dallas Evans. Then, tell us where you think this image belongs in Wikipedia! 



Image: cc by-sa 3.0 The Children's Museum of Indianapolis 

  • Scientific Name: Morpho menelaus
  • Accession Number: 96.53.3


The Morpho butterfly is a beautiful tropical butterfly known for its iridescent blue color.    This brilliant colorization is caused by light reflecting from the scale patterns of the butterfly’s wings. They can be found in among the forests of Central and South America.   Generally these butterflies can be spotted among shrubs and smaller trees.  When mating, these butterflies can be seen throughout different layers of the forest.  Pilots have reported spotting brief glimpses of brilliant blue as a Morpho flies over the jungle canopy. 

Help us make an impact! So far this image does not appear in any Wikipedia articles. Can you think of any articles that should include it?  Do some browsing and be creative. Leave a comment and we’ll share your suggestions with the Wikipedia community. Then, come back in a week to see where in Wikipedia this image ends up!

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