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Exhibit Categories
Emmett Till & Mamie Till-Mobley
Hear the story of Emmett Till, a Black 14-year-old who was brutally murdered while visiting his uncle’s home in Mississippi in 1955.
SCOOBY-DOO!™ Mansion Mayhem
Enter the mansion and immerse yourself into a unique adventure where you can enter the world of SCOOBY-DOO!
The New Dinosphere®: Now You're in Their World
Enter the immersive world of dinosaurs, marvel at their size, and learn the real science behind this one-of-a-kind exhibit.
Mini Masterpieces
Mini Masterpieces invites families to become storytellers as they imagine and talk together.
Take Me There®: Greece
Discover the vibrant culture of contemporary Greece.
American POP
TV, movies, music, fashion, and more—in American POP, explore pop culture, how we shape it, and how it shapes us.
Explore the day-to-day work of real scientists, and use science to ask questions and find answers!
Beyond Spaceship Earth
Take one small step into our International Space Station (ISS), and learn the day-to-day duties of an astronaut!
Stories from Our Community
Storytelling preserves our history, traditions, and ideas. Discover the art by observing and listening.
Treasures of the Earth
Uncover the mystery of an Egyptian tomb, stand face to face with a warrior, and find treasures from the ocean!
The Power of Children®
Ignite a passion for changing the world around you. The Power of Children shares the powerful stories of four extraordinary children: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and Malala Yousafzai.
Watch curiosity blossom as kids 5 and under discover new sounds, sights, and things to touch and manipulate.
Lilly Theater
Fantasy, comedy, colorful costumes, and imaginative scenery come together in seasonal plays designed for all ages.
Fireworks of Glass
This Dale Chihuly masterpiece features over 3,200 stunning pieces of blown glass and rises five stories high.
Carousel Wishes and Dreams
Get whisked away on a magical and historic carousel. Take a spin on this museum favorite!
All Aboard!
Go back to 1890s Indiana where the Reuben Wells scaled the steepest railroad grade in the U.S. See it for yourself!