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Location: Virtual
Suggested Audience: Grades 3–5
Sensory Information:
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Collections Chat (Grades 3–5) (Virtual)

Collections Chat 
Grades 3–5
Virtual Humanities Program 
30 Minutes 
Explore history and science through the museum’s collection! Students will examine images of an object from the collection using See, Think, Wonder, a guided thinking strategy. During the program, students will make observations, identify why they think the object is important, and ask questions. A museum curator will share stories of the object, and will help students understand how the objects help us understand history or science.  
English/Language Arts: 3.SL.1, 3.SL.2.1, 3.SL.2.4; 4.SL.1, 4.SL.2.1, 4.SL.2.3, 4.SL.2.4, 4.SL.2.5, 4.SL.3.1, 4.SL.3.2; 5.SL.1, 5.SL.2.1, 5.SL.2.4, 5.SL.2.5, 5.SL.3.1, 5.SL.3.2


How to attend

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