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Itinerary for All Ages

Stop 1: Bumblebee
All ages will want to say hello to Bumblebee as they enter the Welcome Center.

Location: Welcome Center (Level 1)

Stop 2: Dinosphere
Big kids will appreciate the dinosaur displays while the little ones can play in the hideouts. Everyone can try out the interactive technology, explore the Paleo Lab, and enjoy the immersive experience—you might even get caught in a thunderstorm!

Location: Dinosphere (Lower Level)

Stop 3: All Aboard
Big kids will take in all of the train models while little ones can play with the train tables or try on conductor or engineer costumes.

Location: All Aboard (Lower Level)

Stop 4: Treasures of the Earth
Take the Transport to the Lower Level where your family can work together to recreate a sarcophagus, explore sunken treasure & Captain Kidd’s cannon, learn from archaeologists in the Archaeology Lab, and piece together a Terra Cotta Warrior.

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 5: Fireworks of Glass
Big kids can play learn the art and science of glass blowing, while little kids create a masterpiece using colorful pieces of pretend glass.

Location: Fireworks of Glass (Lower Level)

Stop 6: Waterclock
Watching the Water Clock at the top of the hour is a favorite for the whole family.

Location: Sunburst Atrium (Level 1)

Stop 7: Beyond Spaceship Earth
Big kids can navigate a robot arm to safely doc supplies to the ISS, and the little ones can put on spacesuits like real astronauts do! The entire family can catch a show in the Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater.

Location: Beyond Spaceship Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 8: Carousel Wishes & Dreams
The entire family can ride the Carousel, play the vintage video games, or take some time to try out a board game.

Location: Carousel Wishes & Dreams (Level 4)