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Itinerary for All Ages

Stop 1: Bumblebee
All ages will want to say hello to Bumblebee as they enter the Welcome Center.

Location: Welcome Center (Level 1)
Stop 2: Dinosphere
Big kids will appreciate the dinosaur displays. Everyone can try out the interactive technology, explore the Paleo Prep Labs, and enjoy the immersive experience—you might even get caught in a thunderstorm!

Location: Dinosphere (Lower Level)
Stop 3: All Aboard
Big kids will take in all of the train models while little ones can play with the tool car.

Location: All Aboard (Lower Level)
Stop 4: Treasures of the Earth
Your family can work together to study a sarcophagus, explore sunken treasure & Captain Kidd’s cannon, learn from archaeologists in the Archaeology Lab, and examine a Terra Cotta Warrior.

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 5: Fireworks of Glass
Big kids can play learn the art and science of glass blowing, while little kids examine this colorful masterpiece.

Location: Fireworks of Glass (Lower Level)
Stop 6: Water Clock
Watching the Water Clock at the top of the hour is a favorite for the whole family.

Location: Sunburst Atrium (Level 1)
Stop 7: Beyond Spaceship Earth
Explore the International Space Station as a family. Then can catch a show in the Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater.

Location: Beyond Spaceship Earth (Lower Level)
Stop 8: Carousel Wishes & Dreams
The Carousel is the largest artifact in the museum’s collection! Carousel rides are free to members and kids under 2; nonmember cost is $1 per ride. There’s a token machine at the front of the Carousel line. 

Location: Carousel Wishes & Dreams (Level 4)