Mask Policy Update: Masks are required indoors for all visitors ages 2 and older.
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Itinerary for Big Kids

Stop 1: Bumblebee

All ages will want to say hello to Bumblebee as they enter the Welcome Center.

Location: Welcome Center (Level 1)

Stop 2: Visit a T. rex

Stand face-to-face with the top of the Cretaceous food pyramid. Bucky the Tyrannosaurus rex specimens will be happy to eat meet you!

Location: Sunurst Atrium mezzanine (Level 2)

Stop 3: Archaeology Lab

Watch archaeologists work on real artifacts in the Archeology Lab.

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 7: Be inpired to make a difference

Ignite a passion for changing the world around you by exploring the stories of four extraordinary children: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and Malala Yousafzai.

Location: The Power of Children: Making a Difference® (Level 3)

Stop 5: Boldly go...

See the escape pod movie prop used in the 2016 film Star Trek: Beyond. Mr. Sulu himself, George Takei, provided the voice for this multimedia experience, The Future is Here—How Sci-fi Becomes Reality

Location: Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater inside Beyond Spaceship Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 6: Baseball Boundary Breakers

The stories of these boundary breaking baseball players will inspire you to do your best, both on and off the field!

Location: Baseball Boundary Breakers (Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 2: The Carousel

The Carousel is the largest artifact in the museum's collection! Carousel rides are free to members and kids under 2; nonmember cost is $1 per ride. There's a token machine at the front of the Carousel line.

Location: Carousel Wishes & Dreams (Level 4)

Stop 8: Explore the possibilities

Explore new dreams as you discover 11 different careers and learn about the more than 200 careers Barbie has had over the years. There are so many things to be!

Location: Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™: The Experience (Level 2)