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Itinerary for Big Kids

Stop 1: Bumblebee
All ages will want to say hello to Bumblebee as they enter the Welcome Center. 

Location: Welcome Center (Level 1)

Stop 2: Paleo Lab & Dinosaur displays
Dinosphere® is the largest display of real juvenile and family dinosaur fossils in the United States. Visit the functioning Paleo Prep Labs, touch a real T. rex femur, and talk to a team of paleontologists.

Location: Dinosphere® (Lower Level)

Stop 3: Archaeology Lab 
Watch archaeologists work on real artifacts in the Archeology Lab. 

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 4: The Power of Children® Immersive Programs
For ages 8 and up. There are hidden doors, drawers, and artifacts in each room. Be sure to explore each one for sights and sounds. Ryan, Ruby, and Anne’s stories are each told through both a sound and light show and live performances. Check the calendar for times. 

Location: The Power of Children (Level 3)

Stop 5: Sink a hole-in-one
Compete on replicas of famous golf holes around the world by Pete and Alice Dye. A hole in one proves you belong there!

 Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience
Presented by Henry and Christine Camferdam 
(Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 6: Call the plays
Be the anchor who reports on incredible plays and devastating losses. Record your own reel and send it home!

Location: The World of Sport (Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 7: Beat the shot clock
You shoot...you score! Challenge your own record for the most points in an allotted amount of time.  

Location: Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever Basketball Experience (Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 8: Dance Up a Storm!
Dance up a storm in the Wild Weather exhibit at The Children's Museum of IndianapolisMake a storm with your family! The more you move, the more active the storm becomes!

 Wild Weather (Level 2)