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Itinerary for Family

Stop 1: Explore the possibilities

Explore new dreams as you discover 11 different careers and learn about the more than 200 careers Barbie has had over the years. There are so many things to be!

Location: Barbie You Can Be Anything™: The Experience (Level 2)

Stop 2: Ride a Giraffe

Our historic Carousel has lions, tigers, and horses . . . oh my! Grab a seat and take a spin on the largest item in the museum's collection. Carousel rides are free for museum members and $1 per ride for nonmembers.

Location: Carousel Wishes and Dreams (Level 4)

Stop 3: Discover a Shipwreck

How about a pirate shipwreck?! In National Geographic Treasures of the Earth your family can see real artifacts excavated from the shipwreck of Captain Kidd, and explore a recreation of the shipwreck site.

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 4: Call the plays

Be the anchor who reports on incredible plays and devastating losses. Record your own reel and send it home!

Location: The World of Sport (Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 5: Study a Masterpiece

We are home to the largest permanent sculpture of blown glass by renowned artist Dale Chihuly—Fireworks of Glass stands 43-feet-tall!

Location: Fireworks of Glass (Lower Level)

Stop 6: Visit a T. rex

Stand face-to-face with the top of the Cretaceous food pyramid. Bucky the Tyrannosaurus rex specimens can't wait to eat meet you!

Location: Sunburst Atrium mezzanine (Level 2)

Stop 7: Discover a Mummy's Tomb

Descend into a recreation of the longest, deepest, and most complete of any tomb in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings. Analyze the intricate details of the tomb walls, explore the burial chamber, and work together as a family to solve challenges in National Geographic Treasures of the Earth.

Location: Treasures of the Earth (Lower Level)

Stop 8: Travel by Train

Travel back in time to 1890s Madison, Indiana, and view the impressive Reuben Wells, a 35-foot-long, 55-ton steam engine built to conquer Indiana's Madison Hill, the steepest railroad grade in the United States.

Location: Reuben Wells (Lower Level)