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Itinerary for Toddlers

Check out these top spots for toddlers to play and explore. You can also download our Early Learner's Guide to make your visit even more meaningful.

Stop 1: Swing a golf club

Try our "my-sized" equipment and keep sore in smiles in our outdoor sports wonderland. Outdoor sports areas are weather-dependent.

Location: Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience (Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 2: Go 'round and 'round The Carousel

The Carousel is the largest artifact in the museum's collection! Carousel rides are free to members and kids under 2; nonmember cost is $1 per ride. There's a token machine at the front of the Carousel line.

Location: Carousel Wishes & Dreams (Level 4)

Stop 3: Tell time with the Water Clock

Watching the Water Clock at the top of the hour is a favorite for the whole family. Be sure to watch at 1 p.m.

Location: Sunburst Atrium (Level 1)

Stop 4: Get active with a Sunburst Atrium show

The live shows in the Sunburst Atrium are fun for all ages! Check the calendar for an updated list of show times.

Location: Sunburst Atrium (Level 1)

Stop 5: Test your balance

Steady now! One foot in front of the other while you hold your grown-up's hand to make it across. Don’t forget to stick the landing!

Location: The World of Sport (Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience®)

Stop 6: Discover Playscape®

Water and sand, music and art. Your child won't want to leave! Playscape® is designed especially for ages 5 and under.

Location: Playscape® (Level 3)

Stop 7: Marvel at the Ball Machine

Watch the balls move along inclined planes, levers, wheels, and screws. It's mesmerizing!

Location: Behind the main ramp (Level 1)

Stop 8: Find animals

How many animals can you find in the Pond?

Location: Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks (Level 4)