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Junior Varsity Players (Ages 7-13)

Stop 1: Be the goalie
Block the puck from getting into the goal! Or, be the hockey player to shoot and score!

Location: The World of Sport

Stop 2: Call the plays
Be the anchor who reports on incredible plays and devastating losses. Record your own reel and send it home!

Location: The World of Sport

Stop 3: Beat the shot clock
You shoot...you score! Challenge your own record for the most points in an allotted amount of time.  

Location: Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience

Stop 4: Climb the platforms
Climb high to reach the tallest platform in the Museum Guild’s Tree of Sports. Visit all the platforms to look out at different parts of the sports experience.

Location: The Children's Museum Guild’s Fantasy Tree House of Sports

Stop 5: Kick a field goal
Be the best kicker on our field by kicking for height and accuracy.

Location: Colts Football Experience

Stop 6: Score a goal
Be swift, but be precise in an attempt to kick soccer balls past the goalie.

Location: Subway® Soccer Experience

Stop 7: Make a hole-in-one
Compete on replicas of famous golf holes around the world by Pete and Alice Dye. A hole in one proves you belong there!

Location: Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience
Presented by Henry and Christine Camferdam

Stop 8: Break a sweat
The best athletes condition cardio and strength. Work on a set of muscles at each station while walking the SerVaas Fitness Path.

Location: Cory SerVaas Fitness Path