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Junior Varsity Team (Ages 7-13)

Stop 1: Be the goalie
Block the puck from getting into the goal! Or, be the hockey player to shoot and score!

Location: The World of Sport

Stop 2: Call the plays
Be the anchor who reports on incredible plays and devastating losses. Record your own reel and send it home!

Location: The World of Sport

Stop 3: Beat the shot clock
You shoot...you score! Challenge your own record for the most points in an allotted amount of time.  

Location: Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience

Stop 4: Hit a home run
Hey, batter, batter! Swing, batter! Knock one out of the park and round the bases to victory with your team!

Location: Wiese Field Baseball Experience
Donated by Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and J. Frederic Wiese Jr.

Stop 5: Kick a field goal
Be the best kicker on our field by kicking for height and accuracy.

Location: Colts Football Experience

Stop 6: Score a goal
Be swift, but be precise in an attempt to kick soccer balls past the goalie.

Location: Subway® Soccer Experience

Stop 7: Make a hole-in-one
Compete on replicas of famous golf holes around the world by Pete and Alice Dye. A hole in one proves you belong there!

Location: Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience
Presented by Henry and Christine Camferdam

Stop 8: Break a sweat
The best athletes condition cardio and strength. Work on a set of muscles at each station while walking the SerVaas Fitness Path.

Location: Cory SerVaas Fitness Path