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Varsity Team (Family)

Stop 1: Create a masterpiece
In the National Art Museum of Sport, get inspired by the many pieces that celebrate sport through art. Each family member can sit at an art table and draw from their own sports piece.

Location: National Art Museum of Sport

Stop 2: Try the pit-stop challenge
Each family member has a part! Beat the clock to get the tires changed, fuel filled, and the race car back on the track.  

Location: The World of Sport

Stop 3: Stroll the avenue
As you walk through the outdoor experience, note the statues and stories of incredible sports athletes and professionals through history. Get a family photo with your favorites!

Location: Old National Bank Avenue of Champions

Stop 4: Shootaround
Tall hoops, small hoops, tike-sized hoops too! Shoot hoops with the whole family on the basketball courts.

Location: Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience

Stop 5: Ace your serve
You and your family can perfect your serve and practice rallies with equipment sized for each individual.

Location: Seymor and Rheta Holt Tennis Center

Stop 6: Step into the batter's box
Batter up! Tee or no tee, it’s up to you at Wiese Field. Pick someone to pitch—then play ball! Bonus points for home runs.

Location: Wiese Field Baseball Experience
Donated by Elizabeth Bracken Wiese and J. Frederic Wiese Jr.  

Stop 7: Race your family
Pick your favorite track—oval or drag! It’s a family pedal race to the finish line.

Location: Racing Experience

Stop 8: Test your strength, balance, and flexibility
 Warm up at the first station and cool down at the last. There are stations for every family member, small to tall!

Location: Cory SerVaas Fitness Path