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10 Homeschool Science Experiments Your Kids Will Beg You to Do

Homeschooling can be quite the adventure. We know. We've been helping homeschooling families for years. Our team of expert educators have shared dozens hundreds of science experiments that you and your family can do at home!

We've gathered 10 favorites that will leave your kids begging to learn more about science. Here they are (in no particular order):

Wheat Germ DNA Extraction

Can you extract DNA? That sounds high-tech and complicated—doesn't it? You can use  some household ingredients to extract DNA from a wheat germ in this wheat germ DNA extraction science experiment. Looking for more? Check out this Strawberry DNA Extraction experiment!

Erupting Pumpkins

Wondering what to do with your leftover jack-o'-lantern? How about a science experiment

Make a Rainbow

Ever wonder how a rainbow forms? You'll find out in this experiment—when you make one yourself! 

Animal Cell Cookie

In this science activity, you can add toppings to turn a cookie into a delicious, edible version of an animal cell—and then eat it! 

Glitter Germs

Germs are everywhere! Don't believe us? Give this Glitter Germs experiment a try. Don't say we didn't warn you... 

Ice Excavation 

We can use salt for many things—including uncovering hidden treasure! Give this Ice Excavation science experiment a try and you'll find a new appreciation for sodium chloride! 

Frozen Volcanoes

Speaking of ice...

You probably know what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar. Right? A volcanic eruption! What happens when you add ice to the mix? The results are a little different. Give this Frozen Volcanoes experiment a try and find out!  

Animation Illusion

Create your own simple cartoon in this Animation Illusion experiment and discover how cartoons work! 

Handmade Microscope

You can create your own Handmade Microscope with just a few household items and a laser pointer and explore the world around you!

Colorful Icicles

Brighten things up this winter by creating your own Colorful Icicles

Do you want to your homeschooling adventure to the next level? We can help!

Wheather you're a seasoned homeschooling veteran or just dipping your toe in the water, The Children's Museum is here to help! We have a staff of expert educators ready to help you take your homeschooling adventure to the next level. You can visit our homeschool page for access to grade-specific lessons and in-depth units of study. You can also sign up for one of our in-person or virtual homeschool programs!