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4 Ways to Spread Kindness

Kindness is one small thing you can do in a great way! Here are a few different ways you can spread kindness.

1. Tear off some kindness
Share positivity with your family and friends with a kindness tear-off. Print the template or create your own. Then add uplifting messages to the tab, decorate, and share. Download the template here.

2. Hand out a heart
Learn how to fold an origami heart that you can share with others with these photo instructions from

3. Play Kindness Bingo
Can you get four in a row? Challenge your friends and family to Kindness Bingo. You can even design your own game.

4. Share inspirational art
Share inspiring words, hopes, and dreams through art. PIC-LITS is a tool that lets you add works to a photo. After choosing a photo you can add text by dragging preselected words or going freestyle and typing your own sentence.