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5 Facts from the SUE Meets Bucky Exhibit

Have you ever wondered what a Tyrannosaurus rex did all day? You can find out when you visit The Children’s Museum! SUE Meets Bucky brings together casts from the Field Museum’s SUE the T. rex and our very own Bucky the Teenage T. rex. Put on your paleontological pathologist cap and explore the stories of their wild and dangerous lives as they dominated the Cretaceous food pyramid!

Façade of the SUE Meets Bucky exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Here are a few facts you’ll discover as you study these two extraordinary T. rex specimens.

1. SUE lived to a ripe old age

SUE was old for a T. rex. Paleontologists believe that SUE lived to be around 28 years old. That’s older than almost any other T. rex that’s been discovered!

2. SUE battled sickness and injury

From infections to broken bones, scientists have found more evidence of sickness and injury on SUE’s fossilized bones than on any other T. rex. This is probably because SUE lived such a long life! 

See SUE the T. rex in the SUE Meets Bucky exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
SUE the T. rex in the SUE Meets Bucky exhibit.

3. Bucky was also a rare discovery

While it is rare to find a T. rex that lived as long as SUE, a teenage T. rex fossil is also unusual. Bucky's feet have projections of bone called bone spurs. These indicate that Bucky was frequently putting stress on their feet. Today, we see similar bone spurs develop in humans due to sports injuries. This tells us that Bucky must have been a very active animal!

4. Bucky was found with a wishbone

Finding a wishbone—also called a furcula—in Bucky’s skeleton was a big deal. This was the first time a T. rex furcula had been identified. Do you know what modern-day animal has a wishbone?


That’s right—birds. This suggests that dinosaurs are distant relatives of modern-day birds.

See Bucky the teenage T. rex in the SUE Meets Bucky exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.
Bucky the teenage T. rex in the SUE Meets Bucky exhibit.

5. SUE and Bucky were BIG

We could tell you that the cast of SUE is as big as a semitruck. We could also tell you that the cast of Bucky is as big as a school bus. Both of these statements are true. But you really won’t understand how enormous these creatures were until you stand face-to-face with them. Words and photos just don’t do these creatures justice.

Discover the wild and dangerous lives of SUE and Bucky!

There’s much more to discover about SUE and Bucky! These two extraordinary specimens have helped scientists understand the life of the Cretaceous period’s top predator—the T. rex. SUE Meets Bucky is open at The Children’s Museum thru July 25 and is included with museum admission. Staff is stationed within the exhibit to help guide you as you explore SUE and Bucky up close. We’ve also added live dino-themed shows in the Sunburst Atrium

So put on your paleontological pathologist hat and explore the wild and dangerous life of the T. rex with us!

This exhibition was developed by The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, in partnership with the Field Museum.

Presented by Marian Incorporated.
Supported by Indiana 811. Know what's Below. 811 before you dig.