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Activities and Science Experiments for the Best Summer Ever

For many people, summertime means blue skies, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the sound of singing birds. It also means chasing fluttering butterflies and stopping to smell the flowers that are in full bloom. For some, it means vacations, fishing, summer camps, and cookouts. Summer also means baseball, fireworks, and popsicles. 

That’s a lot for one season. Right? Well, we’re here to help you kick this summer up a notch. Give this list of activities and science experiments a try so you can have the best summer ever.

Start with sunblock

If you’re going outside for any amount of time this summer, you’re going to want to put on sunscreen. Why? Well, we’re glad you asked! Check out this Sunblock Investigation and discover how powerful (and important) sunscreen is.

Warm up with our coaches

Start your day by practicing these proper warm-up techniques, as taught by our Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience® coaches.

Jumping Jacks

You can always do more sports-related activities with our coaches. The Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience® is a 7.5 acre wonderland that’s staffed with coaches who are committed to creating a no fear, just fun sports environment where they keep score in smiles. It’s included with museum admission. 

If you can’t wait until your next visit, we’ve assembled this playlist of some of our coaches’ “Greatest Hits.” 

Spoiler alert!

Memorial Day serves as the unofficial start of summer festivities. And you know what that means in Indianapolis—fast cars on a fast track in what's been dubbed the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. The 500 mile race is so ingrained in Indianapolis culture, we hope you'll forgive us if we still have racing on the brain throughout the summer months. 

One of the defining features of an Indy car is the wing-shaped spoiler on its back. Ever wonder why they're there? Grab a hair dryer, a ping pong ball, and something to record your observations and find out in this science experiment.

Make a DINO-mite snack

Dino parfait with different colored layers of food

Discover how dinosaurs became fossils and how paleontologists determine a fossil's age with this dino parfait—a tasty treat for paleontologists of all ages!

Fossilize a sponge

Speaking of dinosaurs...

Have you ever wondered how bones become hardened fossils? With a small kitchen sponge, sand, and other household materials, Science Educator becky shows you how by turning a sponge into a fossil.

Build a birdfeeder

A bird's gotta eat. You can help them out by building your own bird feeder.

Make a snake out of bubbles

This experiment is really easy, messy, and really fun! With just a few supplies like an old sock, a plastic bottle, and some bubble solution, you can make your own giant snake made out of bubbles. Be sure to do this Bubble Snakes experiment outside, because bubbles are going to go everywhere.

Build a sandcastle underwater

When you make your own Magic Aqua Sand, you can build a beautiful underwater sandcastle and discover the power of waterproofing.

Get creative with eggshell sidewalk chalk

Show off your creativity with some sidewalk chalk art made out of eggshells. You'll need to plan ahead for this project. Eggshell chalk takes more than a day to make!

Bring a balloon "to life"

No, you won't *really* bring a balloon to life. But you can make one look like it's alive in this Fizzy Balloon Monster Head experiment.

Make a mini pull piñata

Spice up your next summer party with mini pull piñatas. They're sure to put smiles on faces!

Go fishin'

You really don't even have to go outside to go fishing. Just follow the instructions in this Magnetic Fishing experiment and you're sure to catch a lunker or two!

Get slimy

Rainbows+unicorns=the most amazing slime ever!

Tuck this DIY Rainbow Unicorn Slime experiment away for one of those rainy summer days. You'll have a blast with your new colorful slime.

Take a break with some fizzy lemonade

You have to stay hydrated in the summer heat. And sometimes a fizzy drink just hits the spot. But how do those bubbles get there? Discover what makes soda so fizzy in this Fizzy Lemonade experiment.

Ready for the best summer ever?

You're on your way to the best summer ever with these fun summer activities and science experiments! Are you ready? We sure are!

You can find all of our at-home activities and science experiments on the blog or on Pinterest.