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All Aboard the Dinosaur Train! 

Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit is open at The Children’s Museum! In this exhibit inspired by the hit PBS KIDS TV series, you can practice scientific principles while exploring the world of the Pteranodon family: Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon, Tiny, Shiny, Don, and Buddy the Tyrannosaurus rex. Explore, dig, and make your own discoveries.

Let’s take a quick tour of DInosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit

Explore the Big Pond 

Dig and make discoveries in the fossil beach in the Pteranodon family’s favorite fishing spot and playground.

An adult and child are sitting in front of a green tent. A child is crawling out of the tent. Another family is looking at an object that looks like a tripod built over a campfire.

Cook a feast of fish for the Pteranodon family..Grab a book and settle into a good read in the leaf tent. Complete the Nature Trackers’ Scavenger Hunt, strike a pose with cutouts of Shiny and Don, and even make your own nature art.

Turn back time at the Train Station

“TIckets! Tickets, please!”

A child is handing tickets through a window to another child.

In the Train Station, grab your ticket to one of three prehistoric time periods during the Mesozoic Era—the Triassic Period, the Cretaceous Period, and the Jurassic Period— to learn facts about the dinosaurs that lived during each time period. 

‘Ride’ the Dinosaur Train

A smiling child is pulling a rope to ring a bell inside the Dinosaur Train engine. An adult is kneeling beside the child.

Hop aboard a life-sized stationary model of the Dinosaur Train! Dress like the conductor and ring the train’s bell to alert passengers that the train is leaving the station. Enjoy your “ride” as you read up on dinosaur facts and invite a friend to play a Dinosaur Train board game.

Relax in the Nest 

Two children sitting in a giant nest looking at a book Two adults and Mrs. Pteranodon cutout are looking over them from behind.

Dress up and pretend to be a member of the Pteranodon family in their home. Snuggle on soft leaf-shaped pillows and read Dinosaur Train books. Pose for a photo with a cutout of Mrs. Pteranodon.

Discover the Junior Conductor Academy 

Pose for great photo opportunities with cutouts of Buddy and Tiny.. Learn basic math concepts by exploring the different sizes and measurements of dinosaurs, analyze dinosaur fossils, and learn the difference between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Observe a real-life fossilized foot of a Hadrosaur and read to learn how fossils are made over time.

Two adults standing alongside the green Dinosaur Train replica and waving a at a child whose head is sticking out the window. and waving back

Dinosaur Train: The Traveling Exhibit is open through July 30. It's included with museum admission. Get your tickets today!

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