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DIY Halloween Treats: Oreo Spiders

There's no web necessary in order to get tangled up in these creepy-crawly Halloween treats. If you give these Oreo Spiders a try, they're destined to show up on your Halloween BOO-fet year after year after year...


  • Pack of double stuf Oreos
  • Small pretzel rods
  • Small googly eyes
  • Baking chocolate (almond bark)


1. Melt your chocolate in microwave safe bowl 1–2 minutes, depending on packaging directions. Stir until smooth and melted with a spoon.

2. Dip an Oreo with your fork into the chocolate, coat on both sides, then set on parchment paper.

3. While the chocolate is still wet, break up three pretzel rods to make six (6) pieces.

4. Stick three (3) pieces onto each side of the Oreo for the legs. This may take a while. Patience is the key. If needed, add extra chocolate as “glue” to help them stick.

5. Add the two googly eyes on the top.

6. Let them sit out for about an hour or so until the chocolate and legs are set.

Pop in your mouth to eat, or put on a plate to serve later. Store them in the fridge to keep longer!

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