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This Power of Children Award Winner Helps Save Lives

The Power of Children Awards at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis recognizes students in grades six through eleven for their philanthropic impact. To date, 72 winners have been selected for their dedication to their projects that contribute to change the world. Six winners were chosen in 2018. One winner, Abigail Diuble, is being acknowledged for her project, Warning Hearing-Impaired People (WHIP).

Back in 2015, Abigail’s home was destroyed by a tornado that struck in the middle of the night. Her sister, Lilly, has a hearing impairment and does not wear her hearing aids to bed, which makes it very hard to wake her. Abigail’s mom and sister barely made it to the stairs when the house was struck. Abigail realized how severe that delay in time was. She knew something had to be done. She wanted to make it easier to alert people with hearing impairments during emergencies, which is exactly what she did.

Abigail found an alarm that monitors smoke and carbon monoxide levels. The also includes an NOAA radio. The monitors and the radio are connected to a bed-shaking device and LED strobe lights to awaken people who have low vision or are hard of hearing. She has raised over $50,000 for these alarm systems and has inspired many people to volunteer by fundraising, attending events and organizing their own events that benefit this cause. With help from local fire departments, schools, and community members, people are sharing the information about WHIP, and finding more people who can benefit from the alarms. To date, Abigail has been able to obtain 35 alarm systems and is working to distribute them.  

As WHIP has grown, so has Abigail. She has gained confidence and has become a better public speaker. According to her family friend Katelyn, Abigail has grown from this experience and continues to move forward with her project. “She carries herself with poise and is able to communicate in a professional and mature manor.”  Abigail knows how alarms can impact lives all around the world, which is why she wants to make these systems nationally known. Her goal is to give the gift of safety to all who need non-traditional alerts, especially children.  

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